Nikon D40 Digital Camera + Lens + Extras

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Karakteristike predmeta

Proizvođač: Nikon
Rezolucija (u Mpix): 6.1
Optički zum od: 3x
Uz uređaj ide: Objektiv, Punjač, Two spare batteries (three total), a spare lens cleaning `pen,` cleaning cloth, and blower.
Mane i oštećenja: Nema

Opis predmeta

Hello. Nikon D40 and lens plus everything shown. Excellent condition both in appearance and function.

Lens is not the kit lens. It is a better, and more expensive, 18-55mm lens. This is the 'VR' and 'G' model. VR meaning vibration reduction which means you don't get that annoying camera shake.

Everything works perfectly.

This camera syncs flash at 1/500th of a second. Faster than nearly all top of the line cameras today. This is great if you're looking to add a flash to capture moments of your children, sports, or birds in flight.

Also includes two spare Chinese batteries (three total - one is original), a spare lens cleaning 'pen,' cleaning cloth, and blower. All these bonus items are brand new and purchased recently. Also included are the original strap, original battery, and the battery charger and cable.

The camera has had a screen protector on the back screen since the moment it came out of the box. It was safely stored when not in use.

Thank you.

P.S. I am selling a few things because I am moving. I welcome you to take a look at my other items. Thank you.

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