Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

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Format: LP

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Godina izdanja: 2010
Izdavač: Mobile fidelity Sound Lab
Poreklo: Strani izvođač

Kao nov, jednom poslusan.
Jedan od najkvalitetnijih izdanja(kvalitet omota kao i sam zvuk, dinamika) na ploci koju sam drzao u ruci.
Numbered Limited Edition.
Pressed on standard weight vinyl.
Comes in gatefold cover.

Review 1: `AS ANY AUDIO buff knows, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has for many years been taking a selection of acclaimed and/or already great-sounding albums, and transforming them into nuggets of pure audio gold via their patented transfers and especially good molten vinyl stock.Witchdoctor has taken on the laborious job of listening and comparing a bunch of the label’s more recent issues. Of course there’s nothing remotely enjoyable about this task, not at all.
I’m lying, of course. Listening to Spiritchaser on a clapped-out cassette deck would be more enjoyable than most jobs, but hearing this luminous record on a double album, where the fat grooves can really accommodate the full emulsive depth and texture of these beautiful, sensual organic/synthetic rituals… transports it into a thing of wonder. [It’s worth noting that there are only two songs each on Side 1 and Side 3, and only one on Side 4!]
Dead Can Dance is, of course, an Australian-originated duo (resident in the UK) who came out of the post-punk-industrial nexus to literally create their own, unique hybrid of ambient, historic and world musics. Starting out as part of the 4AD label “sound” that included the Cocteau Twins, by the time the group got to their last studio album [to date], Spiritchaser, in 1996, the group’s accent was towards hypnotic organic rhythms, many of them derived from North Africa and the rituals of Native Americans. Theirs was a sound that you either found transporting/intoxicating/otherworldly, or pretentious/weird/morbid. Personally, I fell in love with this album all over again listening to it for this review.
Mobile Fidelity are up against it here, because the whole DCD catalogue has been released on audiophile SACD discs, and I was able to directly compare my SACD of Spiritchaser with MF’s vinyl version. By way of comparison, all I can really say is that the SACD has the edge of detail, but the vinyl by contrast, sounds totally natural and immersive and deep in a way that the SACD just doesn’t quite manage. They’re both spectacular, but different. It’s worth noting that Mobile Fidelity undertook the SACD remastering as well, so I’m not surprised that it sounds incredible on both formats.
I won’t go into the detail of every song, because there are doubtless hundreds of well-informed reviews by dedicated DCD nerds online already, and to be honest, their haunting music is terribly hard to describe. There’s Lisa Gerrard’s bizarre voice, which sometimes sounds like a figure from the Middle Ages, and others like a wailing Middle Eastern diva in some kind of ecstatic trance. Then there’s Brendan Perry’s deeply melancholic voice and songs. But really, on Spiritchaser, it all comes down to rhythm. The kinds of acoustic percussion that predominate are infinitely subtle and lend themselves beautifully to audiophile vinyl, because they’re so full of tonal nuance and texture that the listener seldom feels the need for the addition of much else.`

Review 2: `Numbered Limited Edition 2LP Set from Mobile Fidelity Silver LabelDead Can Dance`s Swan Song the Sonic Equivalent of An Engaging Journey Down the Nile RiverMastered on Mobile Fidelity`s World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI: 2LP Set Flush With Incredibly Lifelike SoundInto the Labyrinth Also Available on 2LP Set from Silver Label The sonic equivalent of an engaging journey down the Nile River, Spiritchaser is Dead Can Dance`s unforgettable swan song. The percussive-based 1996 set finds the world-fusion group fashioning thematic songs around rhythmic structures and tribal beats, creating atmospheric soundscapes that take the listener through Africa, South America, England, and Europe - sometimes within the same movement.Blurring the lines between styles and genres so that they become irrelevant, Dead Can Dance members Lisa Gerrard and Gerald Perry generate the illusion of being lost amidst a peaceful rain forest that`s yet to be discovered by man. Spiritchaser is the sound of a lost culture, where ethereal singing, overlapping harmonies, and trance-like tempos serve to calm, relax, and enchant. Gerrard`s phonetic singing - often taking the form of prayer - is grand albeit understated, as much spiritual as it is natural. Just like the music itself.Exotic instrumentation abounds, but nothing seems out of place. A Turkish clarinet, finger cymbals, and a borrowed melody from the Beatles` "Within You Without You" informs the mystery of tracks such as "Niereka," which epitomizes Dead Can Dance`s incomparable blend of ancient and modern, alien and familiar, spooky and freeing, serene and intense. Throughout, Spiritchaser strives for a transcendental sense in which music speaks to a higher power and greater purpose than most artists would like to believe - or dare capture. Dead Can Dance`s ambition extended to the production. Consider what 4AD record label founder Ivo Watts-Russell had to say about the band`s late-period albums and approach to`